Play is our favorite way of learning

We Play To Learn

Rogue Primary is a play-based K-2 public school in the Central Point School District.  Our school places play at the heart of education. We are focused on providing an experience for our youngest learners that is full of joy, curiosity, and choice.  We believe that school should be joyful, socially interactive, meaningful, actively engaging, and full of trial and error.  We place a strong emphasis on practices that are developmentally appropriate and supportive of all learners. 


Rogue Primary was designed to be a creative environment that encourages social interaction and community. The building is built around a town square where each classroom connects almost like rooms in a home. This supports students socializing, participating in a community, and learning with others. Each classroom has a “backyard” that was designed to provide students with indoor and outdoor experiences during learning.

How To Apply

Rogue Primary’s application window is open and will remain open through May 19th.
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Location: 600 S. 2nd Street, Central Point, OR 97502

Telephone: (541) 494-6207